£10.00 per hour


You can book me for just one hour or as many as you wish.

My garden maintenance services are organic and quiet, as I do not use noisy petrol mowers, strimmers, hedge

clippers or any other petrol powered tools. I do however, sometimes use my electric mower. My gardening

is done by hand 'the old fashioned way' and helps maintain a natural and tidy look. My services include:

Weeding borders and flower beds, vegetable plots; also patios, paths and drives. Removing brambles and nettles.

No chemicals are used. This makes my garden weeding pet and plant friendly.

Lawn edging and cutting. Please note that I only mow small to medium sized lawns. The reason for this is

because I use a hand push mower, or occasionally my electric mower when a power source/ socket is available.

Hedges, bushes and shrubs are trimmed by hand, as part of my no noise, no mess, no fuss way of working.

Pruning roses, shrubs and small trees.

Planting flowers and plants of your choice, and creating and maintaining flower beds. 

You can instruct me to work in your garden for just one hour, or for as long as you need. All I ask is that

payment is made at the end of each visit. This way, you are in complete control of the cost, and will never

receive a large bill.

I am happy to dispose of small amounts of garden waste for you however, for larger amounts of garden waste,

I recommend that you employ a reputable, licensed waste disposal contractor, or contact your local Council.

If you require any other gardening work that is not mentioned here, please feel welcome to contact me, and I

will be happy to discuss your requirements.