Autumn And Winter Gardening


My customers all have the benefit of knowing that I am available all year round. If

your garden is a mess, now is an ideal time for me to get it looking nice.

Autumn and Winter garden maintenance is just as important as any other time of

year. My advice is don't leave it until Spring because it will only need more work if

you do. It is both a time and money saving investment to keep the garden

maintained in Autumn and Winter, and does not take a lot of time compared to 

having to clear all the winter weeds and cut back overgrown shrubs, hedges and 

bushes before anything else can be done in Spring. A visit once a fortnight or every

three weeks, can keep your garden looking nice and tidy, so when everything starts 

growing again, there is less work to do and more time to enjoy your garden. 

Weeds, bramble, nettles and ivy still need to be removed in winter. It is also

important not to neglect paths and driveways, as they attract unsightly weeds.

Autumn and Winter are also ideal for cutting back small trees, shrubs and hedges;

digging over borders and vegetable plots; creating flower beds and planting ready

for Spring. The removal of fallen leaves is vital for the health of your lawn. If your

lawn is buried under leaves, it can become deprived of light, air and water. It can

also become a breeding ground for fungi and insects. 

I always advise people not to make the mistake of neglecting their gardens

in Autumn and Winter. Gardens need to be maintained all year round.